Mobile Office Equipment Systems

Sortimo doesn´t just offer complete solutions for the trades and services sector but also for the sales force or field representatives. Thye have developed various solutions for this sector which can be used in commercial vehicles as well as in cars.

AUTOASSISTANT - Helps with the transportation of order documents, plans, files or even your lunch in the passenger seat of your car or van, then the Autoassistant is the ideal solution. The Autoassistant is your third hand on your journey and delivers order and storage space for everything you need beside you on the passenger seat.

Safety - Sortimo van racking solutions secure your load in case of accidents or during braking in general. Additionally load safety lashing points are a standard at Sortimo, in order to make the correct lashing as easy as possible for you. Hence we not only save you time, but also increase safety for your goods and especially your life.

AUTOMANAGER - The Automanager is ideal for the sales force or field representative. The plate which can be rotated as well as slid backwards and forwards enables you to work comfortably with your laptop from the driver’s seat. A connection for power supply (from the cigarette lighter socket) to your laptop and a mobile printer is integrated. When it is safely belted in and protected against theft on your passenger seat it will become a support you won´t be able to do without, whenever you are on the road. You always have a high quality work place with you, thanks to its pull out, rotatable laptop table and its roomy inner compartment.

The transport trolley allows you to transport the Automanager with all the documentation that you may need when visiting your customer, easily and comfortably.

OFFICEBAG - The Sortimo Office bag stores every device or document you could need in your mobile office and keeps everything easily available. During the drive the bag can remain opened, yet your laptop is safely secured on the passenger seat. The bag additionally offers lots of room for mobile phones, pens or writing pads. A few simple hand movements convert the office bag into a laptop bag or a briefcase. The office bag is securely fastened to the head rest and the passenger seat with quickly detachable straps.

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